McGee back in the winners circle; Anders wins 4 wide finish

By Dana Royer/34 Raceway

BURLINGTON, IA  (6-22-13) – You didn’t have to look to the sky to know there was a
full moon Saturday night with plenty of wild action on and off the track, from a 4
wide sport mod finish to the Harlem Shake in the stands. But when the night’s racing
was completed on Titan Broadcasting/101.7 The Bull night, six drivers went home with
winners checks and a trophy. Winners Saturday night were Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis
(305 sprints), Dean McGee, Galesburg, Il (modifieds), John Oliver, Jr., Danville
(stock cars), Bobby Anders, Quincy, Il. (sport mods), Evan Epperson, Muscatine (mod
lites) and Austen Becerra, Carthage, Il. (4 cylinders).

Coming up this week, Saturday, June 29 at 34 Raceway will be Pritchard Broadcasting
/KQ92, Country 103 and Hot 97 night at the races. W.T. Gabeline and Sons Trucking
305 Sprints, Coors Silver Bullet IMCA Modifieds, Pepsi IMCA Stock Cars, Weikert Iron
and Metals IMCA Sport Mods, Mod Lites and I Connect You/Louisa Communications 4
Cylinders will all be in action. Join us  Wednesday, July 3 for the Brockway
Mechanical Sprint Invaders 360 Sprints, Mod Lites, 4 Cylinders and Vintage Cars.
Shoot for the Stars 360 Sprint format will include pit stop and fan interaction mid
Sprint Invaders feature race. Stick around after the races for a huge fireworks
display to help celebrate our Independence Day.

The first feature of the night was a wild finish bringing the fans to their feet
when Bobby Anders, Creston Williams, Sean Wyett and Derek St. Clair crossed the
finish line 4 wide with Anders edging out the win.  Sean Wyett battled Phillip
Cossel exchanging positions. As they came out of turn four for the checkered flag
the two got together allowing Anders and St. Clair to pull along side as they passed
the stands in a wild four wide finish. Anders took the win followed by Williams,
Wyett, and St. Claire. The win was a third straight at 34 Raceway. The race was
stopped on lap three when Austin Schulte, Keokuk, would flip on the front stretch.
Crews had to cut out the roll cage to remove him from the  car and he was
transported to Great River Medical Center for possible neck and leg pain.

Coming off a win on Friday night, Evan Epperson would get win number two for the
weekend pulling away from the field late in the race to take the checkered flag in
the fifteen lap feature. Collin Ball led the first four laps before Epperson would
take over the lead when Ball got too high in turn two. The two would pull away from
the field with Epperson taking the win. Jimmy Halcomb, Devin Rouse and Justin
Buchholz would round out the top five with Rouse moving up from his 12th place start
for his fourth place finish.

The Pepsi IMCS Stock Car feature was another thriller with John Oliver, Jr.,
Danville, getting his third straight when. Abe Huls took the lead from Tom Bowling,
Jr. on lap ten of the twenty lap feature and looked to be on his way to a feature
win. But it wasn’t to be when Shane Richardson made contact with Huls on the back
stretch on the final lap spinning Huls and  putting Oliver in the lead to take the
checkered flag and the win.  Following Oliver were Brett Timmerman, Jason Cook and
Bowling right behind him. Oliver took the win from his 12th row start in the 18 car

The last time Dean McGee won a feature at 34 Raceway was in 2007. So a win Saturday
night in the Coors Silver Bullett IMCA Modified feature was a thrill for his family,
fans and crew. McGee took the lead in the sixteen car field at the drop of the
green. On lap eight of the twenty lap feature, Bill Roberts would pass McGee for the
lead and would lead the field around the 3/8 mile for the five circuits. Following a
caution on lap twelve, Roberts would maintain his lead over the field on the restart
but McGee found his groove and would pass Roberts for the lead and went on to take
the checkered flag  in his 41st year of racing. Roberts would follow to finish
second and Mitch Morris, Jeff Waterman and Dennis LaVeine would round out the top

A nice field of nineteen 4 cylinders took to the track with Jacob Brown and Roy
Norton on the front row. By the end of the first lap Dustin Ravelin would have taken
over the lead spot with Austen Becerra not far behind. Becerra would pass Ravelin on
lap three and went on to take the checkered flag despite a last lap caution which
set up a green, white, checkered finish. John Whalen moved up from his twelth row
start to finish third with Brown and Brandon Lambert rounding out the top five.

The 305 Sprints capped off the evening with Ryan Jamison picking up the win, a nice
birthday present for the Mediapolis driver whose birthday was the next day.  Harold
Pohren led the nineteen car field for the first nine laps before Donnie Steward
would take over the lead on lap ten. Steward led the the next three laps before
Jamison took over the lead with seven laps to go. A crash into the wall by Brady
Bennett brought out the red flag on lap nineteen and set up a green, white,
checkered finish. Jamison would hold on for the win with Steward, John Schulz,
Daniel Bergquist and Pohren rounding out the top five.

Saturday, June 22, 2013 34 Raceway Results

FEATURE: 1.Ryan Jamison, Mediapolis, 2. Donnie Steward, West Burlington, 3. John
Schulz, West Burlington, 4. Daniel Bergquist, Burlington, 5. Harold Pohren, New
London, 6. Dave Getchell, Sperry, 7. Jacob Glasgow, West Burlington, 8. Chase
Wanner, Agency, 9. Cody Wehrle, Burlington, 10. Kyle Peterson, 11. Heath Bundy,
Oquawka, Il., 12. Shane Quam, Gladstone, Il., 13. Brady Bennett, Burlington, 14.
Nick Guernsey, Burlington, 15. Austin Sears, Mcomb, Il., 16. Dustin Whiting,
Burlington, 17. Jayson Ditsworth, Gladstone, Il.,  18. Jarrod Schneiderman, West
Burlington, 19. Andy Huston, Roseville, Il. HEAT WINNERS:  Whiting, Pohren, Glasgow.

FEATURE: 1. Dean McGee,  Galesburg, Il., 2. Bill Roberts, Jr., Burlington, 3. Mitch
Morris, Eldridge, 4. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Il., 5. Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington,
6. Jason Bahrs, Colona, Il., 7. Dusty Kraklio, Durant, 8. Ryan Cook, Hillsboro, 9.
Andy Krieger, Burlington 10. Rich Smith, Davenport, 11. Mike Weikert, Jr.,
Muscatine, 12. Dustan Fenton, Burlington, 13. Todd Reed, Port Byron, Il., 14.
Chadwick Giberson, Packwood, 15. Dugan Thye, Burlington, 16. Justin Hill, New
London, 17. Jeff Mueller, New London, 18. Lonnie Heap, Media, Il. HEAT WINNERS:
Roberts, McGee, Morris.

FEATURE: 1. John Oliver, Jr., Danville, 2. Brett Timmerman, Wapello, 3. Jason Cook,
Mt. Pleasant, 4. Tom Bowling, Jr., Danville, 5. Kirk Kinsley, Wapello, 6. Corey
Strothman, Mt. Union, 7. Joe Gerdes, Burlington 8. Andrew Burk, Davenport, 9. John
Brockway, Morning Sun, 10. Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, 11. Ray Raker, Danville, 12.
Mark Bowman, Burlington, 13. Abe Huls, Carthage, Il.,  14. John Richardson, Morning
Sun, 15. Jake Wenig, Burlington, 16. Travis Plummer, Burlington, 17. Travis Hartman,
Burlington, 18. Shane Richardson, Morning Sun.  HEAT WINNERS: Bowling, Huls,

FEATURE: 1. Bobby Anders, Quincy, Il. 2. Creston Williams, Atkins, 3. Sean Wyett,
Danville, 4. Derek St. Clair, Donnellson, 5. Kyle Hill, New London, 6. Laverne
Bowman, Burlington, 7. Scott Williams, Atkins, 8. Victor Hastings, Oquawka, Il, 9.
Dustin Smith, Davenport, 10. Austin Schulte, Keokuk, 11. Adam Shelman, Ames, 12.
Lyle Timmerman, Wapello, 13. Phillip Cossel, Montrose,  HEAT WINNERS: Williams,

FEATURE: 1. Austen Becerra, Carthate, Il., 2. Dustin Ravelin, Burlington, 3. John
Whalen, Ainsworth, 4. Jacob Brown, Wapello, 5. Brandon Lambert, Carthage, Il., 6.
Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, Il., 7. Ron Kibbe, Danville, 8. Larry Miller,
Burlington, 9. Brian Mehaffy, Danville, 10. Kevin Mortimer, Biggsville, il., 11.
Travis Smith, LaHarpe, il., 12. Wayne Noble, Wapello, 13. Brendan Mehaffy, Danville,
14. Shawn Baker, Burlington, 15. Becky Dockendorff, Danville, 16. Rachael Reger,
Burlington 17. Roy Norton, Burlington, 18. Bryerson Tharp, Grandview, 19. Jerrod
Nichols, Stronghurst. HEAT WINNERS: Becerra, B. Mehaffy,  Ravelin.

FEATURE:  1. Evan Epperson, Muscatine, 2. Collin Ball, Wapello, 3. Jimmy Halcomb,
Kirkwood, 4. Devon Rouse, Burlington, 5. Justin Buchholz, Davenport, 6. Gary Snyder,
Monmouth, Il., 7. Michael Dominguez, Lone Tree, 8. Sean Adair, Little York, Il., 9.
Jared Halcomb, Monmouth, Il., 10. Chase Flatt, Monmouth,Il., 11. Daniel Keltner,
Wapello, 12. Blake Woodruff, Galesburg, Il., 13. Greg Rossell, Knoxville, Il., 14.
Todd Thornburg, Mt. Pleasant,  15. Dave white, Burlington. HEAT WINNERS: Flatt,

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