Four racers get their first 2013 wins at 34 Raceway
By Dana Royer/34 Raceway

BURLINGTON, IA  (7-27-13) – Crazy Coyote Bike Night at 34 Raceway drew another good
turnout of cars ready to take to the track. Bikers were allowed to take a few laps
around the track and Young House Family Services, Burlington, also benefited from
the night at races. Four of the six classes of action saw four racers getting their
first wins of the 2013 season at 34 Raceway and two drivers would make return trips.

Dennis Woodworth, Quincy, Il. (UMP late models), Dennis LaVeine, Burlington (IMCA
Modifies), Shon Sanders,  East Moline, Il. (mod lites) and Wayne Noble, Wapello (4
cylinders) all got wins for the first time this season while Tony Dunker, Quincy,
Il. (IMCA Modifieds) and Tom Bowling, Danville (IMCA Stock Cars) both returned to
victory lane.

Young House Family Services in Burlington benefited through the generosity of the
race fans from donations and an auction to two high bidders for the opportunity to
ride in the Derek St. Clair stock car and the other to  drive the I-Wireless 4
Cylinder owned by Randy Foor. Austin Schulte was high bidder for the ten lap ride
with Derek St. Clair for $110 and Shawna Frietag, got the high bid of $310 for
opportunity to drive the #14 4 cylinder around the track. An excited Frietag gave
the opportunity to her husband. All proceeds totaling over $800 were donated to the
Young House Family Services.

Coming up this week, Saturday, August 3 is Precision Equipment & Casebine Credit
Union Night at the races.  It will be Scout Night at the races with all scouts & 1
parent admitted FREE into the grandstands. And for the kids, Casebine Credit Union
will be sponsoring a Candy Dash!!!. W.T. Gabeline and Sons Trucking 305 Sprints,
Coors Silver Bullet IMCA Modifieds, Weikert Iron and Metal Sport Mods, Pepsi IMCA
Stock Cars, I Connect You/Louisa Communications 4 Cylinders and Mod Lites will all
be in action.

The first feature of the night saw Burlington’s Dennis LaVeine getting his first
2013 win at 34 Raceway. LaVeine took the lead from  Dustan Fenton on lap three
following the first of two cautions restarts of the twenty lap race. LaVeine would
pull away from the field for his first win. Andy Kreiger won the battle for second
holding off the charge to the front from Mitch Morris. Joe Beal and Jeff Waterman
rounded out the top five. Morris holds a narrow 9 point lead over Waterman in the
point battle.

Some big money races conflicted with the UMP Super Late Model Class at 34 Raceway
this week resulting in just six cars competing on the track.  Even with just six
cars the race was still more fun to watch than a full field of follow the leader
action with a battle for the lead including bumper to bumper, side by side action
between Dennis Woodworth and Mark Burgtorf  going on for the entire twenty lap
feature . Woodworth would be able to hold off the challenges from Burgtorf to go on
and get his first 34 Raceway win this season. Jared Schlipman, Ron Elbe, Matt
Strassheim rounded out the top five. Jason Perry would not finish the race when a
large puff of smoke emerged from his car early in the race and he was forced to the

The next feature up for the night was the always fun to watch Pepsi IMCA Stock Cars.
Tom Bowling picked up his fourth win this year holding off John Oliver, Jr. for the
win in the fifteen car, twenty lap race. Bowling took the lead from Corey Strothman
on lap eight and would be chased by last week’s winner Jason Cook. Cook chased
Bowling for six laps before having to pit with a flat tire. Taking over for Cook
would then be John Oliver. The two leaders put on a good race for the fans but it
would be Bowling edging out the win.  Strothman, Cook, (who had moved his way back
to the front following his flat) and John Brockway would follow. Oliver and Cook are
tied with 340 points in the battle for the track championship.

The Mod Lite division continues to grow with seventeen cars taking to the track for
their fifteen lap feature. Evan Epperson took the lead from Chase Flatt on lap two
and would lead the field for the next six laps before Shon Sanders would get by
Epperson on lap nine. Sanders would hold off challenges by Epperson to regain his
lead and went on to take the checkered flag by 2 ½ car lengths. Chase Flatt followed
to finish third and Daniel Keltner moved up from the rear of the field following at
pit stop with a flat to finish fourth. Epperson leads the point race with 346
followed by Flatt with 329 and Keltner with 320.

Sixteen I Connect You/Louisa Communications 4 Cylinders would take to the track next
with Wapello’s Wayne Noble getting his first win this year. The 75 year old veteran
racer proved he can still outrace the young guns. Noble took the lead from Jacob
Brown on lap three but Brown would return the favor one lap later. Brown held his
lead holding off Noble for the next three laps before Noble would pass Brown on lap
eight for the final lead change of the race.  Brent Hartley would get by Brown on
lap eight and would follow Noble to the finish line. Brian Mehaffy and Larry Miller
would round out the top five with Miller moving up to fifth from his 13th start
position. Noble and John Whalen are tied with 385 in the point standings.

The final feature of the night saw a nice field of Weikert Iron and Metal Sport Mods
take to the track for their fifteen lapper. Kyle Hill took the lead from his front
row start and had to work to hold off Dean Kratzer for the first three laps. When
Tony Dunker passed Kratzer for the second spot on lap four, Hill then had to work
hard to stay in the lead. But Dunker would make a move to pass Hill on lap 10 and
would go on to take the checkered flag by several car lengths over Hill for his
second win this season. Bobby Anders, Rob Wilsey and Dustin Crear would round out
the top five. Derek St. Clair would finish sixth after moving up from his 19th place
start. Anders leads the point race with 342 points followed by St. Clair with 324.

July 26 34 Raceway results


FEATURE: 1 Dennis LaVeine, West Burlington, 2. Andy Krieger, Burlington, 3. Mitch
Morris, Eldridge, 4. Joe Beal, Milan, Il., 5. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, Il., 6. Ryan
Cook, Hillsboro, 7. Mike Weikert, Jr, Muscatine, 8. Dustan Fenton, Burlington, 9.
Quienten Schoffner, Monmouth, Il., 10. Jerry Wilhelm, Jr., Danville, 11. Chadwick
Giberson, Packwood, 12. Bill Roberts, Jr., Burlington, 13. Lonne Heap, Monmouth,
Il., 14. Dean McGee, Galesburg, Il., 15. Dugan Thye, Burlington, 16. Justin Hill,
New London. HEAT WINNERS: Weikert, Morris.


FEATURE: 1. Tom Bowling, Danville, 2. John Oliver, Jr., Danville, 3. Corey
Strothman, Mt. Union, 4. Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, 5. John Brockway, Morning Sun, 6.
Dan Wenig, West Burlington, 7. Ray Raker, Danville, 8. Chad Krogmeier, Burlington,
9. Brett Timmerman, Wapello, 10. Gabe Harrison, Warsaw, Il., 11. Jake Wenig,
Burlington, 12. Travis Hartman, Burlington, 13. Abe Huls, Carthage, Il., 14. Mark
Bowman, Burlington, 15. Bo Hunter, Burlington, 16. Skyler Troutman, Danville, 17.
Jim Lynch, Donnellson.  HEAT WINNERS:  Huls, Raker.


FEATURE: 1. Tony Dunker, Quincy, Il., 2. Kyle Hill, New London, 3. Bobby Anders,
Quincy, Il., 4. Rob Wilsey, Keokuk, 5. Dustin Crear, Mediapolis, 6. Derek St. Clair,
Donnellson, 7. Adam Shelman, Ames, 8. Bradley Holtmeyer, Quincy,Il., 9. Creston
Williams, Atkins, 10. Rick Barlow, Jr., Montrose, 11. Dean Kratzer, Ft. Madison, 12.
Ryan Reed, LeClaire, 13. Lyle Timmerman, Wapello, 14. Ethan Thompson, Keokuk, 15.
Scott Williams, Atkins, 16. Sean Wyett, Danville, 17. Phillip Cossel, Montrose, 18.
Doug Burkhead, Musatine, 19. Nathan Anders, Quincy, Il.,  HEAT WINNERS: Anders,
Dunker, Hill.


FEATURE: 1. Wayne Noble, Wapello, 2. Brent Hartley, Niota, Il., 3. Jacob Brown,
Wapello, 4. Brian Mehaffy, Danville, 5. Larry Miller, Burlington, 6. Scott Smith,
Alexandria, Mo.., 7. Robert Kibbe, Danville, 8. Jerrod Nichols, Stronghurst, Il.,.
9. Ron Kibbe, Danville, 10. Shawn Baker, Burlington, 11. Kevin Mortimer, 12. Roy
Norton, Burlington, 13. Bryerson Tharp, Grandview, 14. Skip Dunker, Ursa, Il., 15.
John Whalen, Ainsworth, 16. Brendan Mehaffy, Danville, 17. Travis Smith, LaHarpe,
Il. HEAT WINNERS: Dunker, Noble.


FEATURE: 1. Shon Sanders, East Moline, Il., 2. Evan Epperson, Muscatine, 3. Chase
Flatt, Monmouth, Il., 4. Daniel Keltner, Wapello, 5. Justin Buchholz, Davenport, 6.
Michael Dominguez, Lone Tree, 7. Devon Rouse, Burlington, 8. Blake Woodruff,
Galesburg, Il., 9. Gary Snyder, Monmouth, Il., 10. Collin Ball, Wapello, 11. Dan
Guss, Milan, Il., 12. Brian Schnell, Geneseo, Il., 13. Sean Adair, Little York, Il.,
14. Jimmy Halcomb, Kirkwood, Il., 15. Robert Guss, Moline, Il., 16. Jared Halcomb,
Monmouth, Il.,  17. Todd Thornburg, New London. HEAT WINNERS:  Buchholz, Halcomb.


FEATURE: 1.  Dennis Woodworth, Quincy, Il., 2. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, Il., 3. Jared
Schlipman, Mendon, Il., 4. Ron Elbe, Augusta, Il., 5. Matt Strassheim, Morning Sun,
6. Jason Perry, Payson, Il.. HEAT WINNER: Woodworth.

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