Matt Levins – The Burlington Hawkeye – Monday, April 21, 2014

Photo – Courtesy Dana Royer

Jason Feger kept waiting for Bobby Pierce to make a mistake, giving him an opening to pounce on.  It never came…  Pierce, the 17 year old driver from Oakwood, Illinois lived up to his nickname on Saturday night at 34 Raceway.  Pierce, known as “Smooth Operator” was exactly that.  He led the final 46 laps against a stacked field in front of a packed house, pulling away from Feger and Brandon Sheppard to win the 50 lap $10,555 to win feature race of the six annual Slocum 50.

Feger kept waiting for Pierce to make a mistake, an opportunity that never came.  Win number five in a row just makes it all the more special.  That’s just really cool.  “I love this track!  I can’t wait to come back another time.” said Pierce, who has won five consecutive feature races along with two consecutive wins at 34 Raceway totalling $20,555.  “A couple times there, I thought I was going to knock the fence down in turn three.  I missed the corner a couple times in turn one.  If someone was there, they might have had me, but luckily there weren’t.  I was looking at my dad and he was giving me signals as to how far away I was from the second place car.  They were kind of staying there, so I was getting kind of nervous. I was wondering if someone was going to stick their nose in there.  Luckily we held it off, so I’ll take it”.

“He never did.  I was over driving trying to catch him.  I probably needed to slow down and run my own race instead of worrying about him.  I just ever could get to him.  I needed lapped traffic or something to go my way.  I think the yellow got him at the right time.  We were set up for a little bit different track.  He drove a good race.  I really didn’t have anything for him towards the end”, said Feger, who won Friday night’s feature on the Cornbelt/Mars series at Davenport Speedway.  Also on Saturday night, veteran John Schulz won the 20 la 305 Sprint feature, while Jason Cook won the 20 lap IMCA Stock Car feature.

LATEMODEL RESULTS (Stock Car & 305 Sprint Results can be found under “Results” on this website!

1. Bobby Pierce 2. Jason Feger 3. Brandon Sheppard 4. Brian Birkhofer 5. Jimmy Mars 6. Ryan Gustin 7. Ryan Unzicker 8. Jesse Stovall 9. Tony Jackson Jr. 10. Will Vaught 11. Rodney Sanders 12. AJ Diemel 13. Jason Riggs 14. Kevin Weaver 15. Terry Phillips 16. Brian Shirley 17. Spencer Diercks 18. Jason Utter 19. Frank Heckenast 20. Lance Matthees 21. Justin Asplin 22. Chris Simpson 23. Chad Simpson 24. Shannon Babb

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