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Schatz Scores Historic 154th Career World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Win

(World of Outlaws) BURLINGTON, Iowa — June 27, 2014 —The World of Outlaws Sprints pulled in a huge crowd to 34 Raceway Friday night and the “Greatest Show On Earth” was not disappointing. 34 winged warriors took on the 34 Raceway 3/8 high bank in the Salute to the King (Steve Kinser) World of Outlaw Series, Kinser’s final year of racing. Along with the 410 sprints competing were twenty three 305 sprints and sixteen MLRA Midgets.

Donny Schatz, Fargo, North Dakota, picked up his 154 career World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series win. Josh Schneiderman, West Burlington did double duty winning the 305 sprint feature then hustling over to get in his 410 sprint for the main event of the night. The MLRA Midgets were back with Aaron Schuck, Joliet, Illinois,
picking up his second win at the track.

Coming up this week, Saturday, July 5 is Karsyn’s Krusaders Night at 34 Raceway with racing in all six classes. Racers will bring their cars to the front stretch during intermission for the popular on track autograph session. For more information go to

Only two other people have done what five-time champion Donny Schatz did at 34 Raceway Friday night – win 154 World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series features. In scoring his seventh win of the season, Schatz surpassed two-time champion Mark Kinser for third on the all-time wins list.

Only 20-time champion Steve Kinser and three-time champion Sammy Swindell have more wins than Schatz. Kinser has 577 wins while Swindell has 293.

Schatz scored the victory after a tenth place starting position. Through the 30-lap A Main, he methodically worked his through the crowd ahead, eventually taking the lead on lap 21 of the 30 lap race.

“We qualified well where we went out,” Schatz said. “We just missed the Dash there and we had a great run in the heats. We had a good car in the heat we just tried to fine tune it and make it a little better and that they did, they got a better race car for me. We tried to stay out of trouble early, some guys were real aggressive, and going a lot harder and being kind of silly so I tried to stay away from that and stay out of trouble and use my car when we needed it. We had an awesome machine.”

Schatz’s seventh win of the season in his STP/Armor All car tied him with Daryn Pittman for most on the year. Schatz also extended his points lead over Pittman to 61 points.

Kerry Madsen and Steve Kinser led the field to the green flag with Sammy Swindell and Brad Sweet on row two. Schatz started in the 10th position with second place finisher Terry McCarl in 14th and third place finisher Bill Balog in fifth.

Madsen jumped out to a strong lead when the green flag flew and through early cautions and an ongoing shuffling of competitors behind him, managed to hang on to it. Farther back in the field Schatz began making his move to the front and by lap seven, he took the sixth position.

As the caution flew for the third time on lap 12, McCarl cracked the top five for the first time as he set his sights ahead. When the green flag again flew, McCarl battled Sweet down the backstretch, when contact between the two on lap 14 sent Sweet into the barrier near the entrance of turn three. After hitting a large tire, Sweet’s car took a scary tumble that left the car torn in two. Sweet was able to walk away from the wreck.

When the race returned to green after an extended red flag, Madsen maintained his lead until the caution fell again on lap 20. Schatz, now all the way up to the second place position after getting around Saldana and then McMahan, took advantage of the opportunity. As Madsen led the field into turn one, he went high while Schatz
looked low. The two drag raced down the backstretch and took similar lines into turns three and four. Schatz had the advantage as they entered onto the front stretch, officially taking over the lead on lap 21.

Battles ensued in the remaining nine laps with cautions flying two more times. As McCarl settled his car into second, Saldana and McMahan slipped back in the pack giving way to Brian Brown’s FVP car and Bill Balog. The two battled for the third place position, trading it several times in the closing laps. Ultimately it was Balog who took the position with McCarl in second and Schatz in first.

McCarl, who was the recipient of the night’s ASE Hard Charger Award after starting in the 14th position, had Sweet on his mind following the race.

“It was unfortunate I got into Brad – I didn’t see him there,” McCarl said. “We’re thankful Brad is OK.”

McCarl said 34 Raceway is one of his favorite tracks – a place he has been coming to since he was young. His father, he said, ran at the track in the early 1970s. Whenever he competes at 34, McCarl said he expects to run well.

“We started 14th, we had a great car – we just didn’t have anything for Donny there at the end,” McCarl said. “He’s a champion and obviously one of the best drivers if not the best driver in the world. So to be hanging there with him and be putting on a show for the fans is pretty big for our team. We’re just a low-buck, little family team out of Altoona, Iowa. So to compete with these guys is a big deal for us.”

Bill Balog, a Union Grove, Wis. native, said he and his Buesser Concrete team started the day unsure about the weather and uncertain whether or not they would make the trip to 34.

“I’m glad we came out,” Balog said. “The car worked great. Like I said, I’m just glad to be up here wand running good with the World of Outlaws this time.”

The World of Outlaws STP Sprint cars return to the track on Saturday at Beaver Dam Raceway in Beaver Dam Wisconsin. The Outlaws then move to Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, Wis. for the FVP Outlaws at Cedar Lake.

World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series Statistical Report; 34 Speedway; Burlington, Iowa; June 27, 2014

(Finish, Driver, Start Position, Winnings)

A-Main – (30 Laps) -1. 15-Donny Schatz [10] [$10,000]; 2. 24-Terry McCarl [14] [$5,500]; 3. 17B-Bill Balog [5] [$3,200]; 4. 21-Brian Brown [9] [$2,800]; 5. 51-Paul McMahan [6] [$2,500]; 6. 83-David Gravel [11] [$2,300]; 7. 11-Steve Kinser [2] [$2,200]; 8. 4-Cody Darrah [15] [$2,100]; 9. 11K-Kraig Kinser [12] [$2,050]; 10. 1-Sammy Swindell [3] [$2,000]; 11. 77X-Wayne Johnson [13] [$1,500]; 12. 7S-Jason Sides [23] [$1,200]; 13. 71M-Joey Saldana [7] [$1,100]; 14. 82-Roger Crockett [16] [$1,050]; 15. 45X-Johnny Herrera [24] [$1,000]; 16. 9-Daryn Pittman [8] [$900]; 17. 29-Kerry Madsen [1] [$800]; 18. 9X-Paul Nienhiser [17] [$800]; 19. 49J-Josh Schneiderman [18] [$800]; 20. 18-Ian Madsen [19] [$800]; 21. 55-Brooke Tatnell [20] [$800]; 22. 49-Brad Sweet [4] [$800]; 23. 7K-Dustin Selvage [22] [$800]; 24. 17W-Cole Wood [21] [$800].Lap Leaders:Kerry Madsen 1-20, Donny Schatz 21-30.KSE Hard
Charger Award:24-Terry McCarl [+12]

Qualifying Time Trials (top five) -1. 71M-Joey Saldana, 12.663; 2. 51-Paul McMahan, 12.683; 3. 1-Sammy Swindell, 12.698; 4. 17B-Bill Balog, 12.786; 5. 29-Kerry Madsen, 12.810.

Heat 1 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) -1. 29-Kerry Madsen 2. 83-David Gravel 3. 71M-Joey Saldana 4. 9X-Paul Nienhiser ; 5. 24-Terry McCarl ; 6. 45X-Johnny Herrera; 7. 44-Chris Martin ; 8. 7K-Dustin Selvage ; 9. 4X-Shawn Peterson.

Heat 2 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) -1. 9-Daryn Pittman; 2. 4-Cody Darrah; 3. 49J-Josh Schneiderman; 4. 21-Brian Brown; 5. 51-Paul McMahan; 6. 59-Tim Kaeding; 7. 1s-Logan Schuchart; 8. 4XX-Dakota Hendrickson; 9. 10T-Tim Moore.

Heat 3 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) -1. 11-Steve Kinser; 2. 15-Donny Schatz; 3. 11K-Kraig Kinser; 4. 1-Sammy Swindell; 5. 7S-Jason Sides; 6. 18-Ian Madsen; 7. 17W-Cole Wood; 8. 6R-Ryan Bunton.

Heat 4 – (8 Laps – Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature) -1. 49-Brad Sweet; 2. 77X-Wayne Johnson; 3. 82-Roger Crockett; 4. 55-Brooke Tatnell; 5. 17B-Bill Balog; 6. 17M-Joey Moughan; 7. 1A-Jacob Allen; 8. 84-Ben Wagoner.

Dash – (6 Laps, finishing order determined first 8 starting positions of A-feature) 1. 29-Kerry Madsen; 2. 11-Steve Kinser; 3. 1-Sammy Swindell; 4. 49-Brad Sweet; 5. 17B-Bill Balog; 6. 51-Paul McMahan; 7. 71M-Joey Saldana [8]; 8. 9-Daryn Pittman.

Last Chance Showdown -(12 Laps – Top 4 finishers transfer to the A-feature) – 1. 18-Ian Madsen; 2. 17W-Cole Wood; 3. 45X-Johnny Herrera [9]; 4. 7K-Dustin Selvage.

Schneiderman gets 305 Sprint win

By Dana Royer/34 Raceway

John Scheiderman, West Burlington, did double the racing Friday night at 34 Raceway competing in both the 305 Sprints and WoO 410 sprints. As well as qualifying for the 30 lap WoO feature where he finished third in his heat and 19th in the feature in his familiar #49 he also ran the #2 in the 305 Sprint feature race. Dillon Roth, Burlington took the early lead from his front row start in the twenty-two car field and was running strong. Schneiderman, would take over the second spot from Donnie Steward on lap seven of the twenty lap race and one lap later took over the lead and went on to take the checkered flag. Roth followed to finish second and Jarrod Schneiderman, Justin Newberry and Andy Huston rounded out the top five.

Schuck picks up second MLRA Midget win at 34

Aaron Schuck, Joliet, Illinois, picked up his second MLRA Midget feature win at 34 Raceway in the third of four stops at 34 Raceway. Jed Ross would lead the sixteen car field around the 3/8 mile for eleven laps before Schuck would make a pass for the lead coming out of turn four on the final lap of the race for the win. Ross, Brent Burrows, Kurt Mayhew and Patrick Bruns would round out the top five.

34 Raceway June 27, 2014 results


FEATURE: 1. Josh Schneiderman, West Burlington, 2. Dillan Roth, Burlington, 3. Jarrod Schneiderman, West Burlington, 4. Justin Newberry, Danville, 5. Andy Huston, Roseville, Il., 6. Jayson Ditsworth, Gladstone, Il., 7. Cody Wehrle, Burlington, 8. Jacob Glasgow, West Burlington, 9. Donnie Steward, West Burlington, 10. Kade Higday, Altoona, 11. Daniel Bergquist, Burlington, 12. Andy Krieger, Burlington, 13. Nick Guernsey, Burlington, 14. Dave Getchell, Sperry, 15. Shane Quam, Gladstone, Il., 16. Kyle Peterson, Gladstone, Il., 17. Corey Kautz, Urbandale, 18. Blaine Jamison, Mediapolis, 19. Richard Brod, Downers Grove, Il., 20. Heath Bundy, Oquawka,Il., 21. John Schulz, West Burlington, 22. Roger Krieger, Burlington, 23. Shawn Whiting, West Burlington. HEAT WINNERS: Bergquist, Steward, Josh Schneiderman.


FEATURE: 1. Aaron Schuck, Joliet, Il., 2. Jed Ross, 3. Brent Burrows, 4. Kurt Mayhew, 5. Patrick Bruns, Champaign, Il., 6. Andy Baugh, Mason City, Il., 7. Brayden Gaylord, Wever, 8. Shane Morgan, Creve Coeur, Il., 9. Dave Anderson, Burlington, 10. Chris Bolander, Burlington, 11. #3(No name available), 12. Robert Bell, Colfax, 13. Beau Burnet, Knoxville, Il., 14. Jeff Mallonee, Bettendorf, 15. Jeremy Hull, Roseville, Il., 16. Travis Pence, Biggsville, Il., 17. Katlynn Leer. HEAT WINNERS: Bruns, Schuck.

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